Sunday, July 15, 2012

Vodka Gummy Lifesavers

As if the vodka gummy bears weren't delicious enough, I've come to realize over the past weekend that the gummy Lifesavers are even better.  The gummy in these gummies are slightly a different texture... slightly softer but not too much where it all ends up mushy.  With just 5 days to work with, I think any more would have been way too much.

More noticeable is the fact that they attacked almost an entire bottle of vodka in under 24 hours. By the next morning, these gummies had soaked in that vodka much more than the bears did by that time and I had to more than just top off the bowl.  

The recipe is pretty simple. Follow the vodka gummy bear recipe I previously mentioned, and just sub the bears for the Lifesavers.  This time too, I used a raspberry vodka, which enhanced the flavor.  

Here's all you need. Plus some fruit punch in the end.
This is a total of four bags of gummies. 
Two in the bowl, two still bagged. 
I upgraded to a larger bowl after taking this pic and good thing I did, as this would have been a tight fit.

The Lifesavers are soaking and ready to begin the journey.

The morning of Day 2.

Refilling the bowl with more vodka.

And Yum!

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