About Me

I'm Kim.  I work full time, then come home to my other full time job - a house full of hungry boys, which includes a six year old who can be a picky snob if what I serve doesn't look reasonable to him.  I really love to eat and its about time I teach myself how to cook, which together could mean trouble.  I couldn't do fancy if I tried
 (I'll throw a leaf on a dish I've made and it looks fancy to me) and I really don't know what I'm doing in the kitchen, but so far this is one thing I've stuck with for a little while longer 
than not; it's a kind of therapy to me, which you need when you are the sole female in a house of males - and I think I'm doing alright. Alright enough. The six year old has finally told me he loves my food best. 

My grand plan for this blog is to document my progress while hopefully providing easy, yummy recipes that anyone can follow - basically if I can do it, so can you... 

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  1. You inspire me, and what you hold in your hand in that picture makes me feel honored...but bottom line is that your skills in the kitchen are BRILLIANT! I want to do what you do! ;-)