Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mini Bread Bowls

How freaking cool are bread bowls? I came across this recipe for a customizable bread bowl breakfast using mini rolls via Tasty Kitchen and immediately knew I had to make these.  Honestly I didn't even read the recipe to start with, I just saw the delicious pictures and was sold.  A brief glance at the ingredients and the fact that they had photos of a 5 year old making one told me this has got to be easy enough for me to do. 

One of the best things about this recipe was that I could use really anything in the fridge for the filling. The next best thing was that it would only take about 20-25 minutes in the oven. And third, or maybe this should be first (??) is that its all awesomely in this teeny little roll bowl!

Lets get started!


* Mini Bread Rolls - as many as you plan on having! I used 3.
* 2 Tbs butter, melted.
* Salt and Pepper
* Eggs - one per roll
* Fillings - up to you! 

                ~ I used   pepperoni (cut into small pieces)
                                leftover roasted chicken (cut into small pieces)
                                shredded mozzarella/cheddar cheese
                                roasted red peppers
                                spaghetti sauce (1 tsp)
                                fresh and dried herbs


Pre heat the oven to 350 degrees.
Next thing you'll want to do is cut off the tops of the rolls and scoop out the insides.  Press the insides in some along the walls of the rolls, making yourself a bowl. This, is fancy, for the non fancy like me.  

Next you'll want to melt that butter and brush it (I used a spoon) along the inside of the bread.  I opted to follow with some pesto, because pesto is so good, I don't know why I haven't been eating it my entire life.  You know how you can get the jar of it at the grocery store and it its in that oil? I'm pretty sure too you could omit the butter part and just do the pesto/oil. 
Then sprinkle in some salt/pepper.

Continue adding your fillings as you see fit. I went with shredded cheese next, then chicken and pepperoni, followed by the herbs, sauce, and more cheese.

Last, you crack an egg in each of those suckers and you are ready to pop them into the oven.  I decided I'd make one with a beaten egg to see how that would turn out (more so too because I was afraid my 5 year old wouldn't be down with a runny egg). Both ways turned out amazing!  Oh and I cut up the red peppers and poked them into the yolk. Makes it look a little pretty in the end.

25 minutes later, you have these ridiculously cool bowls of yummy goodness that I just know i'll make again and again.

How you eat them is up to you. For my 5 year old, I cut his in half. Because he had the one with the beaten egg, everything held together fine.  The other two were cut in half causing the yolk to run out... but in a good way.


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