Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rum Balls

These rum balls are simply another variation of the Basic Babycakes Cake Pops minus the lollipop stick.

What You Will Need:
Fudge Brownie Mix - 1 box.
Wiltons Candy Melts - Dark and White Chocolate.
Sprinkles - Cookies and Cream, Chocolate, and Confectioners Sugar
Rum - 1/2 Cup.

Follow the exact directions used for the Basic Babycakes Cake Pops but also include 1/2 cup of rum to the mix.

Here's everything you need and here's how the cake balls came out. They don't look very promising but don't worry, because once you cover them in chocolate, they will look quite nice.

I'm not very neat in the kitchen.

Oooh Ahhh, don't they look good?
As good as an iPhone picture can make something look... but really, they really taste good!!

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